Welcome to the New DRB1stChp Blog submissions page. It’s time to promote your title. Please take time to read the FAQ before emailing with questions.

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  • All titles featured on this blog are with author or publisher permission.
  • Titles are only featured ONCE and stay in the archive until it is no longer available for purchase or the author requests its removal.
  • This blog is a PROMOTIONAL tool for Adult Romance and Erotica. There are no reviews, no guest posts, and the owner is not a publisher/editor.
  • Title must be available for purchase at time of submission. No coming-soon titles. Pre-orders are okay.
  • Age of title doesn’t matter so long as it’s available for purchase.
  • Titles no longer available for purchase (for whatever reason) will be removed without notification.
  • No YA titles due to the mature content of other posts.
  • New Adult is allowed so long as the title is targeted toward an adult audience.
  • Submit the full first chapter or nothing. Exception for blog tour partners. Exception for chapter-less titles.
  • This is a first come, first served opportunity. Your link will be emailed to you once your title is scheduled.
  • This blog does not host contests. Exceptions for blog tours.
  • No titles with standard objectionable content:
    • Snuff
    • Rape as titillation
    • Bestiality (sentient animals are the exception)
    • Incest (step-family are the exception)
    • Underage in sexual situations
    • Racial, religious, gender, and/or sexual intolerance
    • Necrophilia (vampires and zombies are the exception)
    • Bodily Functions
  • Any featured title found to have objectionable content will be removed along with the author’s other titles, and the author will be banned.