Programmed To Please by Jenna Ives

Nothing Found

Chapter One

“Turner, I’m sending you undercover as a Beautiful Dolls sex toy.”

Jai Turner stared at her boss, Commander Talis Rainey, convinced she couldn’t possibly

have heard him right. She and her partner, Leith Wyatt, had been called into his office at the end of their duty shift. It had been a long day, as they all were on Tau Cetus in this post-apocalyptic era, and she was in no mood for a joke.

She shifted tiredly on her feet in front of his desk. “Sir?” She noticed that even Leith, who was standing beside her, had raised his eyebrow in question.

For an answer, Rainey leaned forward in his chair and pushed a button on the console on his desk. “Send in Mr. Carron.”

A minute later, a short man stood in the doorway. His eyes darted nervously as he checked out the spartan office before taking an apparently reluctant step into the room. He was such a stereotype that Jai felt herself stiffen. Thick glasses… hair askew… frankly, all he needed was a lab coat with a pocket protector to complete the picture. Savant. Adept. Carbon-copier.

Fuck. Maybe her boss hadn’t been making a joke.

Rainey cleared his throat. “This is Anson Carron. The creator of Beautiful Dolls.”

If the abrupt and impersonal introduction annoyed their guest, he didn’t show it. His eyes had locked on Jai, and were scanning her up and down in a way that felt decidedly intimate despite the generic, navy blue one-piece uniform that she and everyone else on the Tau Cetus force wore.

“Yes,” he murmured. “I suppose I can work with this.”

“This,” Rainey said hotly, “is Jai Turner, one of my best agents. She’s human.”

The little man seemed lost in his own train of thought. “She meets his prime criteria. Of course, it would be better if I could see her without her clothes on before I make a final assessment.”

What the hell? Jai stiffened even more. “Commander!”

Rainey let out a loud sigh, then glanced at Jai and the two men. “Sit. All of you.”

Instead, Carron took a step closer. “Can I touch her, at least?”

“Lay one finger on me, asshole,” Jai growled, “and it’ll be the last thing your hand ever does.” Wyatt stepped closer to her to drive the point home.

Behind his desk, Rainey blew out a breath. “I said sit!”

The three of them held their adversarial positions for a moment, then took the hard chairs arrayed around Rainey’s desk. Jai crossed her arms and legs defensively, and even Wyatt turned his chair around to straddle it. It was obvious neither one of them anticipated liking whatever the Commander might be about to say.

Rainey ran a hand through his grey-black hair and looked at the partners. “Before I start, I have just one thing to say to you two. Marque Callex.”

Jai gasped. “What?”

That changed everything. The infamous name had both her and Wyatt leaning forward in their chairs, now eagerly waiting for Rainey’s next words.

“You know how long we’ve been trying to get close to this guy. We may now have a chance, albeit by a very unconventional route.” Rainey nodded toward their guest. “A month ago, Mr. Carron here ran afoul of the law. No need to get into the specifics, but in an effort to save his neck – and his very lucrative business – he suggested a unique proposal in return for us not pursuing charges against him.”

“What kind of proposal?” Wyatt asked.

“A clever one, as it turns out.” Rainey smirked. “Mr. Carron agreed to send out an… invitation… to Marque Callex, in the guise of offering ‘a select number of high-powered businessmen’ the chance to sample the latest model of Beautiful Doll for free, in exchange for their feedback on the product. In reality, Callex was the only person to get this invitation.”

Jai’s mouth set in a disgusted line. “And he accepted.”

“He did,” Rainey confirmed. “It was a gamble, but it paid off. In this supposed ‘latest model,’ clients are able to customize their girl. Callex filled out the form specifying the criteria of his ideal Beautiful Doll, and now all we have to do is fulfill his requirements.” The Commander gave Jai a pointed stare. “With you.”

Jai’s eyes went wide. “You want me to impersonate a sexbot?”

Next to her, Wyatt snorted. “Good one. I’ve heard of a sexpot, but a sexbot?”

Jai sent him a withering glance, then turned her attention back to Rainey. “That’s the politically correct name for these sex robots, isn’t it, Commander?”

Rainey grunted.

“He’s requested certain specifics,” Anson Carron spoke up. “Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Lean, athletic build.”

Jai let out a relieved breath. “Well, that rules me out then. I’m brown-haired and brown-eyed.”

“Easily fixed,” her boss pointed out. “You fit the most important characteristic: athletic build. We can’t fake that, but we can correct the other things with hair dye and contact lenses.”

Uneasy, Jai leaned forward in her chair. “Sir, do you really believe a man who can have any model of girl he wants, would pick a B-cup and not a triple-D? For a sexbot? Come on, Commander. Are you sure Callex is even serious about this?”

Rainey stroked his chin thoughtfully, and then shrugged. “Well, we’ll have our answer on Monday, if he shows up at the Beautiful Dolls boudoir. Until then, prepping you for the assignment is the way we’re going to proceed. That is, if you’re agreeable.”

Jai scowled. There was absolutely no way she was going to volunteer for this. Have sex on command? Not a chance. Not even to bring down a man they’d long been after for suspected weapons smuggling. Besides, she could never pass for a sexbot. She had a heartbeat, for Christ’s sake! “Why don’t you send in a real Doll for the job?”

“Because the whole point is to get information out of him,” Rainey answered. “A robot can’t be programmed to be clever. We need someone to coax him into spilling his secrets.”

“With all due respect, Commander,” Wyatt interjected. “Callex is locked up tighter than a penitentiary. Security is everything in his line of work. It’s not realistic to think he’s going to give away top secret information while in the throes of passion.”

“You haven’t met my Dolls,” Carron mumbled.

Rainey ignored the remark. “Maybe not during sex, no. But haven’t you heard of pillow talk? Read your history books. Greater men have been brought down by baring their souls during that post-coital sense of euphoria. I want Jai to build a relationship with him, gain his trust.”

In response, Jai re-crossed her arms and legs. There was no way – absolutely none – that she was going to be anyone’s personal sex toy.

Rainey sighed into the stubborn silence. “Do I really need to play the Joran Breaux card with either of you?”

A spark of anger shot through Jai, even as she heard Wyatt shift uncomfortably on his chair. Joran was the second – and definitely much more personal – reason they were after Marque Callex. Joran had been sent in to infiltrate Callex Industries from the inside, to discover how one of the government’s top weapons contractors was secretly diverting arms to militant countries. Joran’s cover as an employee had seemed secure until two months ago, when the police force had lost contact with him on the very day he’d scheduled a meeting with Marque Callex. Three weeks later, Joran’s body had turned up – in pieces – in a recycling center a hundred clicks away.

Joran had been Wyatt’s partner before Jai.

Jai would relish the chance to avenge the death of a fellow Tau Cetus agent, but was becoming a sex slave really the best way to do it?

“How do we know Jai won’t end up the same way Joran did? Dead?” Wyatt rasped. Raw emotion was clear in his voice.

“Because we’re embedding you as the Beautiful Dolls concierge,” Rainey answered. “You’ll be there secretly taping the sessions, close by to protect her if things get out of control.”

“Good God,” Jai balked. “You plan to record the sex encounters with Callex?”

Rainey scowled. “You know how long we’ve been trying to get to Marque Callex. This may be our best chance. But if you’re not up to it, Turner, I’ll find another female agent with athletic build who’s more committed to her job.”

“I’m committed to my job, Commander,” she protested hotly.

Rainey waved a hand. “I probably shouldn’t have even offered it to you two. Wyatt is too close to this case. I just thought he’d want a crack at the guy who murdered his partner. But you’re right, Turner. Wyatt could very well be a liability.”

“I didn’t say –” Fuck. Now the Commander was accusing her of letting down the force and her new partner. The guy was a master manipulator.

Silence stretched in the room while Jai considered her options. Her very limited options. As in, none. Shit. “I’ll do it.”


Jai’s mouth set into a mulish line. What real choice did she have? Marque Callex needed to be stopped. “I said I’ll do it. If this is our best – and possibly only – chance to get to him, well, then, I’m in.”

Rainey blew out a breath, as if he hadn’t really believed his attempt to convince her would work. Wyatt, on the other hand, didn’t look half so relieved.

“Are you sure, Jai? I want to nail this bastard as much as everyone else. Maybe more so, since Joran was my partner. But even I think this sex scheme is asking too much of you.” He turned to Rainey, swallowed hard, and threw a quick glance at Carron. “How about sending me?

Their guest shook his head. “He didn’t choose that option. He doesn’t want a mascbot, he wants a fembot.”

“Besides,” Rainey added, with a meaningful look at Wyatt, “I was serious when I said you’re too close to this situation. We don’t want you killing Callex before we can find out how he’s siphoning arms to rebel countries.”

Jai sighed, and gave Wyatt an attempt at a smile. “It’s all right. Really. You’ll have my back, right partner?”

The worried frown on Wyatt’s brow didn’t ease.

“All right then,” Rainey said, moving on now that the decision had been made. “Wyatt, I think it’s best if you leave us for a few minutes. Mr. Carron has some questions for Turner that are rather, um, personal. Pull the door closed behind you.”

Wyatt stood reluctantly, gave Rainey and Carron an equally troubled glare, and then left. The oily Mr. Carron took the seat Wyatt had vacated, and pulled out a pad of paper and a pen from a pocket of his rumpled brown corduroy jacket. In Jai’s opinion, he looked much too excited about this scenario.


“Remember, Turner, this is your job,” Rainey cautioned. “Marque Callex is playing a dangerous game with his double dealings. The fate of our world could literally be in your hands. Keep that in mind, and forget about your modesty.”

Jai scowled. It was hard to believe she could save the planet by having sex with a stranger.

Carron was nodding his agreement with something else Rainey had said. “Yes. No need for modesty here. I see naked women in my job all the time.”

“Those are robots,” Jai growled. Asshole.

Carron cleared his throat. “Yes. True. Well, then. Shall we begin?” He threw a glance at Rainey. “Are you staying, Commander? As you mentioned, my questions are rather personal.”

Rainey’s jaw tightened. “I’m staying to make sure you keep everything aboveboard, Carron. This is a police case, not one of your usual prostitution arrangements.”

Carron shrugged indifferently, then flipped open his yellow pad and turned to Jai. “I need to get some preliminary information.” He squinted at his notes. “Now then, when was the last time you had sex?”

Jai’s eyes narrowed. “What the hell has that got to do with this assignment?”

“You’re supposed to be a virgin model, our latest version, fresh off the assembly line,” Carron explained. “So this is important. How long has it been since you’ve had sex?”

Shit. Jai supposed that explanation made sense, given the situation. Still, her mouth pulled down into a scowl. “A year.”

Carron seemed surprised by her answer, but he fought to keep his face impassive.

Bastard pervert. My sex life is my own affair. How the hell was she going to work with this guy?

“All right, then,” Carron replied. “You should be tight enough to fool him. No need for a little nip and tuck down there.”

A nip and tuck? Down there? No fucking way…

Carron’s pen scribbled something on the pad. “Next. Pubic hair.”

Jai’s eyebrow arched. “What?”

“Mr. Callex didn’t specify a preference, even though we gave him a choice of natural, bikini wax, landing strip or sphinx. Our trademark at Beautiful Dolls is an inverted triangular shape just above the genital area, which we like to say ‘points the way to pleasure!’ So that’s what you’ll get. We’ll wax you into the perfect design and dye you blonde to match your new hair color.” Carron paused, eyeing her groin curiously. “Unless, of course, you’re currently hairless?”

Jai slouched in her chair. “The triangle will be fine.”

Carron made a note on his pad. “Next. Anal sex?”


“Are you an anal virgin?”

She threw a desperate glance at Rainey. “Commander…”

He sighed. “Just answer the question, Turner.”

Jai slouched further down into her chair, her scowl deepening. “Yes.”

“Well, we offer our clients anything they want. So you can’t balk if he prefers a little anal play.”

“Fucking hell,” she mumbled under her breath.

“And how are you at fellatio? All our models are experts.”

“Oh, for the love of—”

“Not to worry,” Carron assured her quickly. “We can teach you everything you’ll need to know.”

An uncomfortable thought occurred to Jai. “Wait a minute. What if he prefers serious… kink? As in…hurting me? He’ll be under the impression I’m a machine.”

Carron shook his head. “Not allowed. He can’t damage the merchandise. That will be made clear to him. But we do provide a wide range of sex toys, so things could get a little… interesting.”

Jai swallowed hard.

Commander Rainey shoved a hand through his hair. “Turner, let’s be clear. This is what you’re agreeing to. You know what Marque Callex is. What he’s capable of. What he did to a fellow agent.”

“But commander—”

“How many times in the past three months since Joran Breaux’s death have you asked me to be part of the team to take Callex down? Well, now you are the team.”

Jai froze, the enormity of this assignment finally sinking in. Marque Callex was a powerful man. Guarded. Protected. Tau Cetus’s finest hadn’t been able to get near him. But now she was the team? For a moment, she couldn’t move.

“You’re creeping me out, Turner,” Rainey said. “Move. Blink. Do something. I hate when you freeze up like that. It’s unnatural.”

Frankly, it’s no wonder she froze. This whole scenario was enough to send anyone into shock. “Bad habit,” she mumbled. “Wyatt hates it, too.”

“No,” said Carron, looking at her thoughtfully. “Actually, it’s good. We can use that. It makes you seem almost…robotic.” He scribbled another note on his pad. “One last thing. Any surgeries, incisions, birth marks, visible scars?”

Jai shook her head. She’d been lucky; five years on the force and not an injury yet.

Carron flipped his notebook closed. “It doesn’t really matter. We’ll be coating you in a thin layer of polymer before each session, to cover your skin. We want you to look human, but not too human. You’re supposed to be a robot, after all.”

“Yeah, about that,” Jai said wryly. “How the hell do you seriously expect me to pull this off?”

Carron smiled complacently. “Just give me this weekend, and you’ll be ready for your assignment on Monday.”

As it turned out, he wasn’t kidding.

Jai barely had time to come to terms with this plan to bring down Marque Callex before her life spiraled into the Twilight Zone. She spent all Friday morning at a hair salon with Carron, getting her no-nonsense shoulder-length brown hair dyed blonde, then cut and styled under his guidance into a straight, razor-cut bob that looked chic and sophisticated. Friday afternoon, her other hair was dyed to match.

Saturday was endured with an aesthetician who diligently worked under Carron’s direction to wax her into the Beautiful Dolls trademark inverted ‘triangle’ shape, while expertly – if painfully – removing all other hair from her body, including her arms and leg hair. Carron also insisted injections of Botox were necessary in her armpits to prevent her from sweating, since sweating and body odor were two very human attributes his sexbots would never exhibit. While he was at it, he ordered additional Botox to take care of what he called her ‘too expressive’ forehead.

And as if all that weren’t difficult enough, on Sunday the sex lessons began.

Despite her distaste at this assignment, Jai couldn’t help but be impressed by what she saw when she arrived at the Beautiful Dolls factory.

Carron led her through the production room floor, where robot models of every height and body shape stood in various stages of readiness. Male. Female. Blondes, brunettes, redheads. Thin, voluptuous, athletic. Females with a range of breast shapes, and males with every size penis imaginable. Erect penises, of course. And the eeriest part was that the Dolls were more lifelike – even in their immobility – than Jai would have thought possible.

Stopping to touch one as they passed by, Jai would have been hard pressed to say the thin membrane covering the machinery wasn’t actually skin. Except, maybe, for the slightly luminous sheen of it.

“Every sexual fantasy can be fulfilled by a Beautiful Doll,” Carron informed her as they walked, obviously mistaking her interest in the Dolls. “For a price.”

Next it was on to the programming lab, where a man in a blue polo shirt and khaki pants typed feverishly at a keyboard. Next to him stood a naked Doll, connected by a single cable leading from the side of her head to his computer.

Jai stopped in her tracks and stared at the Doll. Now this was what Marque Callex should have ordered. The Doll had gorgeous, flowing red hair. Easily double-D breasts. Curvy hips that would cradle a man while he sank himself deep inside her. Hell, even the Doll’s lips were full and pouty, an unspoken invitation if ever Jai saw one. The robot screamed sex; it was the embodiment of sin. Jai could imagine a man wanting to fuck a woman like this in every way possible.

She’s not a woman. She’s a freaking robot!

Still, she – it – was absolutely gorgeous.

Carron made the introduction. “This is Titus Veraine, my chief programmer.”

The man at the keyboard absently nodded in her direction, then went back to his typing.

“And this,” Carron continued, with a wave of his hand, “is Ginger, our most popular model.”

Jai turned her attention back to the Doll. Gorgeous Ginger was Beautiful Dolls’ most popular sexbot? Jai could certainly believe it.

“Ginger is here to… help out… today.” Carron smiled a salacious smile that twisted Jai’s stomach into a small knot. He glanced at the programmer. “Titus, are you ready with the instructions?”

Veraine leaned back from his console and nodded. He reached over to a nearby printer and grabbed a handful of papers. Swiveling in his chair toward Jai, he took his first real look at her, his eyes blatantly assessing her body like Carron’s had done in Commander Rainey’s office. “Not bad,” he said to Carron. “We can work with this.”

“Watch it, asshole,” Jai warned. “I’m human. And I’m standing right here. Don’t talk about me like I’m one of your Dolls.”

Veraine shrugged. “Whatever. But I’d recommend you check the attitude, lady. No one’s going to want sex with a sharp-tongued bitch.”

Jai swallowed uncomfortably. Veraine was right. She’d have to change her behavior from sour to sweet if she was going to successfully seduce Marque Callex. Dear God. This case was going to be the toughest assignment of her career.

Veraine waved the sheaf of papers toward her. “I’ve printed out everything we’ll be doing today, so you can review them later. Right now, we’ll start at the beginning. With fellatio.”

Fellatio? Damn. Jai was far from a virgin, but she had a feeling that what she was about to learn under the tutelage of Carron’s sex expert today would be eye-opening.

“I’ll explain things first, and then we’ll do a demonstration.” Veraine leaned toward the Doll and carefully unhooked the cable from her head. “Ginger? Say hello to Jai.”

The Doll slowly opened her eyes.

Jai blinked in surprise. The sexbot’s eyes were a deep, emerald green, and had an almost starburst quality to them. Ginger’s eyes were downright beautiful, so beautiful that Jai imagined a man could easily drown in them.

“Hello, Jai,” Ginger purred.

Jai’s eyes opened even wider. The sexbot’s voice was a verbal caress, smooth as silk. Those two simple words were an erotic come-on in themselves. Good lord. Did men regularly fall in love with these Dolls?

No knowing whether she was supposed to answer the sexbot, Jai threw a questioning glance at Veraine, who nodded. Jai cleared her throat. “Hello, Ginger.”

The Doll actually smiled.

Too freaky.

“She’s programmed to respond to verbal commands,” Veraine explained. “And to pick up on verbal or physical cues.” He spoke as if having an artificial naked women standing next to him was nothing out of the ordinary.

It’s not. It’s his job. And she’s a machine. Get a grip, Jai.

“Now,” Veraine said. “First lesson. Fellatio. The secret to amazing fellatio is for the woman to suck the man’s penis like a baby would suck its thumb – hard, fast and strong. None of this slow licking up one side and down the other, or sliding it in and out of your mouth.” He gestured to Jai’s hand. “Try it. Stick your thumb in your mouth and suck.”

Jai raised a dubious eyebrow, but she was here to lose the attitude and learn the lessons – as Veraine had pointed out – so she did as he suggested. But she nearly choked when Veraine reached between his legs and started stroking himself while watching her.

Veraine shook his head. “Ignore me. It’s just part of the job.”

Ignore his penis, which was visibly stiffening? If he thinks I’m going to practice on him, he’s got another thing coming. Job or no job. Luckily, Jai’s training in Zavian street fighting combat – among other martial arts – guaranteed Veraine wouldn’t stand a chance if he tried anything with her.

“Suck,” he ordered. “Suck as hard and as fast as you can. Think of a vacuum cleaner.”

Veraine’s voice was detached, matter-of-fact, not sexually excited in the least. Jai tried to frown, but yesterday’s Botox injection had successfully frozen her forehead.

How the hell was she was supposed to suck her thumb with the strength of a vacuum cleaner? Still, she practiced as best she could, settling into a rhythm while Veraine continued to stroke himself

“Good. Keep going.” He turned to the Doll. “Ginger? Come here. Demonstrate fellatio.”

Veraine quickly unbuttoned his trousers and pushed them down to his knees. Jai’s thumb stilled in her mouth as she watched, wide-eyed, while the high-end Doll complacently knelt in front of Veraine and demonstrated her perfect technique on his now-erect penis. Despite herself, Jai watched in fascination as the Doll’s checks sucked in and puffed out at a remarkable pace, over and over. Jai would never be able to perform at the speed Ginger did, but then, Veraine only lasted about fifteen seconds before he groaned loudly and exploded in the Doll’s mouth. Hopefully, Marque Callex would still be satisfied if Jai took thirty seconds to achieve the same effect.

Veraine zipped himself up as he struggled to catch his breath. “Mmm. One of the perks of the job,” he admitted with a too-satisfied grin.

Jai’s eyes narrowed.

Veraine ignored the look of disapproval. “Now. Obviously you won’t be able to perform at the 19-mile-per-hour rate Ginger does, but that’s fine. Callex thinks he’s getting the most lifelike, realistic Doll to roll off our assembly line. Real women don’t perform at inhuman speeds. This fellatio technique is failsafe, trust me, but if you happen to need an extra push to send him over the edge…”

Jai waited.

“There’s a spot at the base of a man’s cock where if you apply pressure with one or two fingers – especially when he’s almost at the edge of his control – it’ll result in an orgasm that’ll blow his mind.” Veraine looked down at the Doll, who was still on her knees in front of him. “Ginger? Demonstrate fellatio 2 on Mr. Carron.”

Jai glanced next to her. She’d completely forgotten about the oily Anson Carron, who’d apparently enjoyed the recent Veraine/Ginger blow show immensely, and was now standing with his pants around his ankles, stroking his own erect penis.

Ugh. Men. They could be so disgusting.

Ginger took two short steps on her knees over to the Beautiful Dolls owner, and took him into her mouth. Ten seconds of high-powered sucking, accompanied by her two-fingered pressure at the base of Carron’s cock, and the show was over.

Watching it, Jai felt sick. Prostitution was the world’s oldest profession, true, but could it really be passed off – and accepted – as everyday commerce just because the prostitutes these days were robots?

Obviously, Anson Carron thought so. According to Commander Rainey, it was a highly profitable business.

“Next lesson. Anal sex.”

You need to treat this assignment like a job, Jai. It’s the only way you’ll get through it unscathed.

Right. It was just another case. One that would save the world and avenge the death of a fellow Tau Cetus agent, as long as she could sexually satisfy the world’s most powerful arms dealer and get him to spill top secret information. No pressure there.

“Ginger?” Veraine called to the Doll. “Get ready for anal sex.”

Still on her knees, Ginger dutifully dropped onto her hands, giving both men and Jai a view of her perfect backside.

Jai silently groaned. Was she really going to have to watch as Veraine screwed Ginger doggie-style now?

“Another perk of the job?” She threw the sarcastic comment in Veraine’s general direction.

“Tempting,” he answered, “but I can’t recover that quickly.” He was obviously referring to the amazing blow job the Doll had just given him. “And if you do fellatio right, Callex might not need anything else from you that first day either.”

Jai raised an eyebrow. Hmm. Callex might use her just once? Was the fellatio technique really that good? She’d definitely have to go home and practice sucking her thumb.

Veraine reached into a drawer of his desk and slowly drew out a life-sized silicone penis.

“Oh, come on,” Jai protested. “Can’t you just tell me what to do during anal sex, without having to demonstrate it?” She didn’t know why she felt so uncomfortable for the Doll and what it was about to endure – it was just a machine, for God’s sake!

That’s the problem with them looking so life-like.

Veraine shrugged. “Whatever you want.” He put down the dildo. “The trick to great anal sex for a guy is…once he’s inside you and moving… clench your muscles for a tighter fit. Guaranteed to drive him over the edge.”

Jai nodded. “I can do that.”

Veraine glanced at the doll. “Ginger? Cow position.”

Already on all fours, the Doll immediately let her belly sink toward the floor, while wiggling her backside in the air. Good God. Except for the wiggle, Jai recognized this pose. It was yoga. The ‘dog tilt’ position.

“This angle will help a man sink deeper inside you, while looking like you’re offering yourself up to him,” Veraine explained. “Guys can’t resist it. And again, like the two-finger pressure in fellatio, it’s only meant as an extra push toward pleasure.” He nodded. “And there’s another position that will take his cock even deeper. Ginger? Congress of a cow.”

The Doll stood and then bent over at the waist with her hands touching the floor, her backside once again high in the air. Her glorious waves of red hair cascaded over the floor as she turned her head to throw an inviting smile their way.

Veraine waved a hand. “This works for both vaginal and anal sex. Men love it. It’s right out of the Kama Sutra.”

“Oh, great,” Jai complained. “In addition to all these lessons, now I have to go home and bone up on the world’s oldest sex manual?”

Carron snorted from the corner. “Bone up. Ha ha. Good one.

Jai felt her teeth clench.

Veraine lifted a shoulder. “These are just a few tricks to keep in reserve, in case you need something to blow his mind. But there is one last demonstration, and this one is important.” He glanced at the Doll. “Ginger? On the couch. I want the elephant posture.”

The Doll complied by standing upright and then heading for a long sofa positioned against one wall of the computer lab. She lay down on the seat cushion on her stomach, with her legs slightly parted. Veraine didn’t take off his trousers this time, but he went over and mounted her, lying on top of her with his legs between hers, and pretended to penetrate her. Jai frowned as he built a rhythm of simulated thrusting. What was this supposed to show?

And then she heard it. Quietly at first, but then louder. The Doll was actually gasping, moaning. As if she was… enjoying sex! The little noises sounded completely natural, and grew louder as she squirmed, sighed, whimpered, begged, swore, and finally screamed in pleasure before going completely still on the couch.

Jai felt the color drain from her face.

Veraine stood. “She’s programmed to ‘come’ only once the client has, but you will have to respond to Callex as if you’re enjoying what he’s doing. It’s a real turn-on for a man to think he can make even a machine feel. It’s one of the best-kept secrets of our Dolls.”

Fucking hell. Jai felt numb, heavy, almost rooted to the floor where she stood.

“You’re looking a little… overwhelmed,” Anson Carron said. He crossed the room to pick up the pile of papers from next to the printer, and handed them to her. “This is probably a lot to process. Go home and study. And then have a good night’s sleep. I’ll see you tomorrow at noon at the Beautiful Dolls boudoir downtown.”

Jai didn’t answer. She couldn’t. She was so close to losing it that she was barely able to control her shaking as she followed Titus Veraine to the building exit.

How the hell was she going to go through with this? It was one thing to agree to sexually service Marque Callex in order to get information out of him, but how in God’s name was she supposed to feign pleasure while being fucked by her enemy?

Impossible. She’d been counting on the fact that she was supposed to be a machine not to have to react to him at all. In fact, it was the only way she could see to mentally protect herself from the degradation of this assignment. Yes. She’d planned to divorce herself entirely from what he was doing to her.

But to have to pretend to enjoy it? Heaven help her.

A cold shiver of dread ran down her spine.

Nothing Found