On a Whim by Zenobia Renquist

On a Whim (Guardian’s Tales 1) by Zenobia Renquist

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On a Whim (Guardian’s Tales 1) by Zenobia Renquist


Even though her head says it's nothing but pleasure between consenting adults with no strings attached, her heart is wondering if this fickle demi-god might actually want to be with her.

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Chapter One

Her heart thundered in her chest. The deafening bu-bump drowned out all other noise. She knew the people staring at her could hear it. She only needed to do a quick introduction. Really quick. Open her mouth, spit it out, and it would be done. She really hated public speaking.

“My name is Rosaline, and I will be your server, voyeur, and touchstone this evening. Should you need any refreshments, food of any kind, or props please feel free to call on me. For those who like to be watched, I am happy to oblige.” She swallowed a little before uttering the last, wondering desperately why she had to say it at all. “My body is bared for you all to touch as you like, though you can only use your hands. There will be no scratching and nothing that is intended to cause pain. My pussy –” She almost stumbled saying the word. “– and ass are open for fingering, but please know that I am an anal virgin.”

She bowed her head, happy to have an excuse not to look at the crowd any longer. “Thank you for attending Guardian’s soiree. I hope you enjoy your evening.”

She, a human, was out of her mind telling a room full of preternatural beings from all walks of life what they could and could not do with her body. Most of them could break her with a flick of their pinky finger.

Beside her, Guardian laid her hand on Rosaline’s bare shoulder. “Good girl.”

Rosaline said, in a low voice though the audience could probably hear her, “I still don’t understand why you couldn’t tell them. They listen to you.”

“You created those rules when you decided you wanted to attend. You have to tell them. They may be infinitely more powerful than you, but you are the one who has the right to say no. What’s more, they have to heed that.” Guardian patted Rosaline’s shoulder once more. “Now then. Time to be groped. Go mingle and do as you told them you would.”

Rosaline’s whole body flushed.

It was time. The thing she had been anticipating the whole week long had finally arrived. She took one step forward and felt her four-inch heels wobble a little before stabilizing. The heels were two inches higher than she liked, but her friends had insisted the fire-engine red stilettos made Rosaline’s legs look hot.

That was a good thing, since she didn’t feel the same way about the rest of her body. One month prior to even asking Guardian about attending the party as a server, Rosaline had spent every free moment exercising. Mornings she did cardio, she had a mini-stair stepper to use while at her desk, and she spent the evenings using the machines at the gym. She’d even put herself on a strict diet of green vegetables, fruit, and fish — baked, not fried. All of it in hopes of looking good while standing in a room full of preternaturals whose naturally fast metabolisms kept them looking like swimsuit models for sports magazines with no effort.

All her work had paid off. She had dropped from a size ten to a size eight. She could fit a size six if she knew she wouldn’t be bending and felt like holding her breath while sitting. But clothing size didn’t matter that evening since she couldn’t wear anything to cover her little flaws with the perfect outfit that showed off all her hard work. The attire of the evening consisted of heels and a matching collar sporting a coin that proclaimed the servers as Guardian’s property. Guardian allowed the men to go barefoot, if they preferred, which most of them did.

Rosaline rubbed the coin as a way to calm her nerves.

Guardian’s property.

That meant no one could run off with Rosaline without Guardian’s permission. There were a few servers who didn’t have the coin. They wanted someone to run off with them. Rosaline wasn’t that brave or stupid. She wanted a little taste of the world she’d only glimpsed from behind her desk. After that, she would go back to her mundane life with a fond memory.

She continued forward into the crowd. Her whole body hummed with the awareness that any second someone would touch her bare skin. The touch could be brief or prolonged depending on the mood of the one touching her.

The first table she passed was a group of vampires watching two women and two men having sex on the tabletop. Only one woman at the table glanced Rosaline’s way. Rosaline gave the woman a small smile, but the gesture wasn’t reciprocated. The woman turned her attention back to the table’s entertainment.

Rosaline passed by a group of shifted were-hyenas who seemed to be playing a highly sexualized version of monkey in the middle with the person in the middle of the group trying to avoid domination from those who entered the circle.

She stopped and watched.

One man entered the circle. He tried his attack but was soon on the receiving end of a very vigorous ass pounding. He managed to throw off the other male, who left the circle with a smug sounding, hissing laugh that reminded her of the cartoon villain dog from her childhood — mutt-something or other. The male exiting the circle winked at Rosaline before turning his back on her so he faced the defeated.

A second entered the circle. A woman this time. She managed to overpower the male as well. Though when she flipped him on his back so she could avail herself of his dick, it didn’t seem like much of a punishment for losing.

Rosaline shrugged, shook her head, and moved on. Like the two groups before, most everyone occupied themselves with their own distractions, pretty much ignoring her. That disappointed her more than a little. She had spent the whole day psyching herself up to being groped by a room full of strangers.

A quick glance around the room showed the other five servers were receiving the same treatment. Was this normal? Maybe the patrons of the party liked to play with each other before molesting the staff.

“Here, girl.”

Rosaline looked around. Two men occupied a booth off in the corner of the room. The man with his hand raised had to be the one who had called out to her. She walked over to him with a smile. “You called for me, sir?”

The man who had called her cupped Rosaline’s left breast. Light tingles vibrated from his touch. That let her know this man was a warlock. As a sensitive, Rosaline had grown used to her body’s varied reactions when she came in contact with preternaturals.

“These are quite a nice size, Peter.” The warlock flicked his index finger back and forth over her nipple while he gently kneaded her breast. It felt good but not in a way that could be mistaken as arousing.

Peter, the man sitting across from the warlock, nodded. “They are.”

“Come feel.” The warlock looked at her. “You are a D-cup, correct?”

Rosaline nodded. “Yes.”

Peter moved closer and cupped her other breast. His touch was hesitant and she felt nothing from it — sexually or magically. The lack of a magical feeling meant he was human. He kept looking up at her like he expected her to tell him to stop. She had already given him permission. He didn’t have to be so skittish. Or maybe his reaction stemmed from him being a human in a room full of preternaturals.

The warlock said, “My client is changing his body soon, and he wanted to see and feel different breasts before he committed. Yours are quite a nice shape. Very round and perky. Do you do an exercise to keep them this way?”

“I do a lot of cardio and resistance training. Just things to keep my fat down. I have to be careful when I exercise since it’s very easy for me to bulk up, and I don’t want that.”

“Quite right, and who would want to look like an Amazon? Those muscle-bound, meat-headed maidens are not an ideal to which a normal woman should aspire.” The warlock looked across Rosaline at Peter. “Well?”

Peter, who had started bouncing Rosaline’s breast, pulled away quickly, as though he had been caught doing something wrong. “I like her shape, but I’m not that fond of her inverted nipples, and they are so dark. The girl earlier had the cutest little button-like nipples that were a perfect rosy color. Those are the ones I like.”

“So the other girl’s nipples on this girl’s breasts.” The warlock nodded. “I can do that.” He gave Rosaline’s breast a squeeze before letting go. “Thank you.”

Rosaline walked away feeling a little peeved. There was nothing wrong with her nipples. They simply stayed inverted until she was aroused, which was something neither man had accomplished. And of course her nipples were dark. She was black.

Rosaline shook her head and tried to get back in the mood of the evening. Besides, Peter had to be specific with a cosmetic warlock. Once cast, breaking it cost almost twice as much as the initial spell. Rosaline had dealt with a cosmetic warlock prior to the party. Not that her experience had turned out bad, but the warlock had told Rosaline horror stories as anecdotal evidence that over specifying wasn’t a bad thing.

The warlock had removed all Rosaline’s unwanted hair permanently and given the hair on her head a soft wave that she usually could only achieve by using a strong relaxer that might make her hair fall out at the roots if left on too long. What’s more, the style would last for the next two weeks, come rain or shine. Rosaline could even wash her hair without it reverting back to the unmanageable nimbus of dark brown ringlets that was her norm.

The final bill had maxed out Rosaline’s credit card. It wasn’t a huge surprise. Cosmetic warlocks were not cheap since their clientele were few and far between. Only a small cross section of the human population even knew warlocks existed. Thanks to Rosaline’s job as Guardian’s secretary, she was part of that small cross section. She would need to pull a few months of overtime to pay off her credit card, but the end result more than justified it. Rosaline wished she could afford to go to the warlock to get her hair done every two weeks rather than her normal beautician.

She pulled her fingers through her hair and gave her head a little toss, enjoying the feel of her hair moving against her bare back. Maybe it was worth the money. But it would be better for her to wait until she had paid off her credit card before going back. But that was months away, and Rosaline’s beautician might fry all of her hair off in the interim. Then again, Rosaline could let it go natural until she could afford the warlock. Ponytail holders were cheap, after all.

The little debate ran through her mind as she wandered around the room waiting for someone to need her or touch her or both.

A little over an hour had passed since Rosaline’s little speech, and she hadn’t been molested. Rosaline thought dozens of hands would appear from the darkness and start feeling every part of her, inside and out. The thought of that had equally thrilled and scared her.

She feared being a model for a man’s sex change was going to be the highlight of her night. She walked back through the room toward the kitchen. Maybe carrying a tray of refreshments would remind people of her presence, and they would take advantage.

She entered the kitchen and found the other servers must have had the same idea, because they all stood around the counter, looking at the serving trays.

“Well, tonight sucks,” Chris grumbled before he popped a stuffed mushroom cap into his mouth.

Rosaline asked, “So this isn’t normal?”

“Hell, no. This is all Walt’s fault.”

“Fired-from-accounting Walt? He attended Guardian’s parties?”

Abby said, “Yup, he was a regular. Last party he got into it with some nagas. It turned ugly, and Guardian had to step in with some strong words and an even stronger show of power. Most of the patrons tend to forget Guardian is a demi-goddess since she plays human so well.”

“The result is everyone ignoring us.” Chris shoved his hand through his red, shoulder-length hair. “I should have dialed up my buddies for a little session of down-low poker and been done.”

Rosaline looked at the others and then back at Chris. She might as well ask since she didn’t know. “Down-low poker?”

“Yeah. I’m openly bi. My friends swear up and down they are one hundred percent straight when they aren’t. Every once in a while I host a poker game at my place. A few of the guys play poker while I take one or two to my guest bedroom to work out their curiosity. The night ends, and everyone goes home like nothing but a poker game happened. Down-low poker.” He grinned. “Sometimes we don’t even bother with the poker and just have a giant orgy instead.”

“So what did Walt do?”

Joining the conversation, Deanna said, “He took off his coin. Only two people are allowed to remove this coin –”

“Or can,” Chris said.

“– you and Guardian. He took it off hoping to get more action. The nagas showed an interest. Walt was playing with them until things got too deep for him. He raised a fuss when they wouldn’t back down.”

“In walks Guardian to break it up,” Abby said. “Walt accused the nagas of taking off his coin so they could use him without rules. Guardian knew immediately he was lying. She fired him on the spot and then kicked out the nagas for not stopping when Walt said no.”

Deanna huffed. “Most everyone thinks it was some kind of set up, so now they won’t touch us.” She looked down at herself. “I even had some asshole tell me my breasts weren’t round enough.”

Rosaline snorted. “I met him. He liked my breasts but not my nipples.”

Chris cursed under his breath. “Man, I’m ready to go home. This is a waste of a good Wednesday night.”

Guardian entered the room and everyone watched her. Not because they were wary but because the woman’s appearance drew the eye. She was a six-foot tall beauty, but her beauty wasn’t what fascinated them. No one could figure out her ethnicity and thus from which pantheon she drew her demi-goddess powers.

She could have been a white woman with a tan, a light-skinned black woman, an Asian woman from one of the darker regions, or a Latina. It was hard to choose. She had none of the usual ethnic cues. Her eyes were an amber hazel that changed colors depending on Guardian’s mood and the clothes she wore. That Guardian had an Asian slant to her eyes meant nothing since Rosaline had a black friend whose eyes were also slanted, but that was something he had inherited from his great-grandmother.

Guardian had an average nose that any race could claim. Her hair was no help either. It was coarse, with a light curl that could have roots in the Middle East but several other races mixed together could achieve the same effect. On top of that, it changed colors just like her eyes. In the winter it was dark brown, and in the summer it was light with streaks of blonde and red.

To further complicate matters, no one knew if Guardian’s changing eye and hair color was natural or something she did with her powers to keep everyone guessing about her ethnicity. All of it served to make Guardian an enigma that would forever draw the attention of those around her.

Guardian smiled at everyone as she approached them. “Normally I would let you leave since you are correct, tonight is a complete waste. However, my cousin is in attendance because I bragged about my servers. He’s eager to meet you all.”

“Cousin?” Abby asked. “Another demi-god?”

“Yes. He’s a son of Zeus.”

“Son of Zeus!” Rosaline yelled in unison with Chris and Abby.

Deanna asked, “So one of your parents is from the Greek pantheon?”

Guardian said, “No. Sebastian and I share the same human family. Our great-great-great-grandmothers were sisters.”

“So which pantheon are you from?”

Guardian grinned.

Rosaline didn’t like that smile in the least. She said quickly, “His name is Sebastian? Where is he?”

“I put him in the back corner with his hounds. Each of you take a tray and parade yourselves before him.” Guardian clapped her hands.

Rosaline took the tray of shrimp cocktails and led the servers to the back of the room. The other patrons continued ignoring them as they passed. Since the servers were on a mission, being ignored was a good thing.

She noticed the room getting darker and darker as they neared the back corner. She looked around and noticed the lights were still on. In fact, the area from which they had come was very well lit. Had the bulbs burned out?

“Ah, I see my cousin has sent entertainment for me,” said a deep voice from the darkest part of the shadows.

Rosaline tried to see him but failed miserably.

A giant German shepherd — his head was almost level with Rosaline’s breasts — separated from the shadows and headed straight for Rosaline. Goosebumps rose over her arms.

A shifter.

He pushed his nose in between her legs. Rosaline tried to get away from him without dropping the tray. Though she moved to the side and pushed at his head with her free hand, he persisted.

“Kaiser, leave it,” the man from before snapped.

The giant dog looked back.

“Do not make me repeat myself.”

Kaiser sat on his haunches with an annoyed sigh.

“Besides, this lovely young lady is hands only. You are breaking her rules. Something my dear cousin would be very angry about.”

The shadows parted like a curtain. Rosaline almost dropped her tray for a whole other reason. Sebastian was every bit a demi-god in the looks department.

His clear hazel eyes with flecks of green caught her attention first. She could gaze at his eyes all day long and never tire of doing it. The rest of him was a treat as well, from his angled jaw that sported a day’s worth of dark stubble to his silky brown hair that flowed to his shoulders in soft waves.

He reclined atop a throne — no other word could describe the wide, wooden chair with prominent arm rests that were carved to look like the paws of a great cat — with his jean-clad legs opened wide. He had one arm propped on the armrest while the other was draped over his shirtless stomach. He strummed his fingers across his well-defined abs as though playing an unseen guitar.

She jumped when he beckoned her forward. He obviously saw her reaction since he grinned and made the motion again.

She walked forward and held out the tray.

Sebastian used the back of his hand to edge the tray aside. That distracted her from the fact that he was moving his other hand. He cupped her breast and she jumped, almost dumping the tray on his lap.

“Your first time?” he asked.

“Sorry,” she whispered.

He took the tray from her and set it on the table beside him. “Have a seat.” He patted his thigh.

She sat sideways on his lap, not sure where this was going but willing to find out.

Someone cleared their throat. Rosaline looked up at Chris, who arched an eyebrow at her.

Sebastian snapped his fingers. “Entertain the others.”

The six large dogs that surrounded Sebastian suddenly changed to humans. They didn’t shift. There was no resituating of bones and muscles as their bodies took on a new form. They simply went from dog to human. Sebastian must have used his power to change them.

Kaiser, now human as well, walked away from the group.

Sebastian said, “Kaiser.”

“Not feeling it, Bast. I’m out in the car.”

In the car.”

“That’s what I said.”

“Do not try my patience, Kaiser. In the car means in the car.”

“Whatever.” Kaiser left without looking back.

One of the women moved to Sebastian’s shoulder. She leaned down and whispered, “Should I watch him?”

“Leave him and enjoy yourself, Maria.”

Maria nodded and walked over to Chris, who was already engaged with two of the men. She edged the men apart so she stood before Chris. He looked her over with an appreciative gaze. She pulled him to her for a kiss.

Rosaline jumped when Sebastian caressed her inner thigh.

Sebastian smiled at her. “Skittish, aren’t you?”

“Sorry. I didn’t know we were back to me. I’ll stop.”

“Or you could continue. It’s a cheap thrill.” He shifted his hips, pressing a very noticeable bulge against her ass. He lowered his voice and said, “You could make it a real thrill.”

“No.” She found it funny how forcefully she said the word when she’d been timid about everything else a few seconds ago. She blamed the newness of it all for her behavior. If she was used to this, she could handle it better. The unknown made her jumpy.

“As you wish.” He rubbed his fingers higher up her thigh until he touched her lower lips. “I’ll have to settle for penetrating you this way.” He met her gaze. “Shall we?” He shifted her off his thigh and onto the chair cushion and moved her legs over the armrest.

She reclined against the arm of the chair and opened her legs. When he slipped a single finger deep inside her, she inhaled loudly.

“Smooth as silk. You are so ready for this. I would dearly love to taste you.”


He chuckled. “You are very good at this.”

“Guardian prepared me and made sure I knew the rules.”

“And we know yours.”

She frowned a little. “We?”

Several hands from men and women appeared from the darkness and landed on Rosaline’s body. She squeaked in surprise. Looking around did no good. The darkness masked everything except the hands that touched her.

Two sets of hands massaged her feet. Another two sets massaged her calves. Four pairs of hands caressed and kneaded her thighs — inner and outer. That was just her lower body. Rosaline couldn’t concentrate enough to count the hands on her sides, breasts, shoulders, neck, arms, and hands.

The hands left no part of her untouched except for her ass, and that was probably because she was sitting on it. She arched upwards as her nipples were tweaked.

Sebastian added another finger to the one inside her pussy, pressing upward as he moved it in and out.

Rosaline felt herself moving against his fingers, inviting them deeper inside, but she wasn’t sure she was the one moving. So many hands touched her that they could be the ones guiding her body. She didn’t care, so long as the sensations didn’t stop.

A final pair of hands joined the rest, burying in her hair and applying pressure to her scalp. She moaned as her eyes rolled back into her head. It was the first time she’d ever gotten so aroused from her head being touched. All the other touching became so much background noise to the hands massaging her scalp and Sebastian’s fingers caressing her pussy.

Through a passion-induced haze, Rosaline heard Sebastian say in a low, seductive whisper, “I can give you pleasure to exceed this if you allow me to use more than my hands.”

More. Yes. More would be fantastic. She wanted to feel all there was to feel. Her body craved a contact even deeper than his fingers could give. He was offering it to her. She need only say yes.

“No,” she rasped from reluctant lips.

Guardian’s rules kept her grounded when everything else was up in the clouds.

Sebastian chuckled even as he pierced his fingers to her very depths.

She thought he would stop once she denied him again. The pleasure built inside her. She felt like a giant nerve ending only capable of receiving the sensations Sebastian and the others gave her.

A single touch to her clit snapped the cord holding her orgasm. She arched, thrusting her breasts to the ceiling, as she threw her head back and let loose a loud cry of satisfaction.

One by one the hands left her. As they did, she relaxed and sagged against Sebastian. His fingers were the last touch she felt as he eased them from her slowly.

It took a bit of doing but she managed to focus her eyes and watch as he ran his tongue over his fingers in long strokes. He acted as though honey he should savor coated his fingers. Just watching it had her body humming with awareness.

He gave her a lopsided smile once he finished. “I’ll let you rest a moment before we begin again.”

“Again?” She knew her gaze had to show her disbelief.

There was no way she could endure that again. Not without giving in to his requests to do more. And yet she wanted to test her control so the delicious sensations of moments ago would return.

Sebastian moved his face close, almost touching his lips to hers. “Yes, Rosaline. Again. You are my personal entertainment for the night. I do not plan to let you go until Guardian calls an end to the evening. Even then, I may decide to test my cousin’s patience by refusing to stop.”

Rosaline’s breathing turned shallow.

“But that time is hours away, right?”

She found his hazel gaze mesmerizing her. “Yes.”

“Ah. I was right.”


“As lovely as the word no sounds on your lips, yes is more delicious still. There will come a time when yes is all you will say to me. I will tire of you then.” He slid his hand up her inner thigh. “Until then, continue to deny me. It arouses me more than I thought it would.”

Rosaline welcomed Sebastian’s fingers into her body with a small movement of her hips. The other hands returned, ushering her into an ecstasy-filled abyss once more.

Even though she welcomed the pleasure and craved more, she hoped the evening ended before she agreed to do something she would regret.