On the Trail by Zenobia Renquist

On the Trail (Guardian’s Tales 3) by Zenobia Renquist

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On the Trail (Guardian’s Tales 3) by Zenobia Renquist


She hires Kaiser, a dog-shifter, to track the culprit and mete out justice. While a guard dog seems like a good idea, Tracy finds out Kaiser also makes an excellent lap dog.

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Chapter One

Tracy turned her face up to the showerhead, enjoying the simulated rain in the privacy of her own bathroom. She didn’t care if some of the water seeped into the edges of her tight bun. She planned to see her beautician about a touch-up for her relaxed, mid-back length, black hair over the weekend. Two days of wearing a scarf as a headband would hide the kinky roots resulting from her indulgence.

The soothing hot water trailing over her mattered most, removing all the tension from her workday. Meetings on top of meetings on top of even more meetings. Whoever said it was good to be the king — or the boss in this case — never had to put up with as much paperwork as her.

The cooling water signaled the end. She debated turning the knob toward hotter to prolong her stay but it was already at the farthest point. She’d run out the hot water heater, which meant she had to get out.

She spun the knob to the off position and then pushed back the shower curtain. The rack where her towel should be was empty. Likewise the stack of folded, clean towels that should be sitting on the low shelf next to the tub in case of situations like this was also empty.


The large German shepherd poked his head into the bathroom door with her towel hanging from his mouth and a doggy grin on his face.

Tracy held out her hand. “Give it.”

He backed up a step.

“Now, Kaiser.”

He tossed his head, waving the towel at her.

“I’m not playing. I’m tired. Just bring it here. I don’t want to drip water on the floor.”

Kaiser left the doorway.

“Damn it, Kaiser!” Tracy brushed off as much of the water as she could before stepping onto the bath rug. She preferred drying off while standing in the tub. Kaiser knew that. “Come back here.”

The cool air pumping from the vents raised goose bumps along her arms when she entered her bedroom. So much for her relaxing shower. Now she was shivering and pissed.

“Kaiser.” She looked around but the dog was nowhere to be seen. “Give me back my towel before I have you fixed.” She walked around the bed, expecting to find his wagging tail sticking out from under the bed skirt, giving away his location. If he got dust bunnies on her clean towel…

He wasn’t there.

Tracy sucked her teeth as she looked around again. He had to be here somewhere. He wouldn’t leave the bedroom. That was taking the game too far and he knew that. The only other place he could be was the walk-in closet.

“Kaiser, come out.” Tracy pushed the door open and reached for the light switch bedside the frame. She flipped it up but the light stayed dark. “Oh, come on.” She flipped it up and down a few times before giving up. The light bulb was blown or Kaiser had sabotaged it.

She was done playing hide-and-seek. She was almost dry and getting dressed would speed along the process. “Stupid dog. I should take you right back.”

A strong arm grabbed her around the waist and pulled her into the rack of hanging shirts. She squeaked but didn’t fight as a hot, naked chest pressed against her back.

Kaiser asked in a low rumble close to her ear, “Now, why would you want to take me back?”

“You’re a pain in my ass.” And he was ruining her plans for the evening, though she kept that last part to herself.

“Not yet, I’m not.” He rubbed his free hand over her ass. “But I can be if you want.”

“Let go.” Tracy tried to pull away but Kaiser’s hold was firm, like always. She was no match for his strength.

“You sure that’s what you want?” Kaiser hugged her closer, sandwiching his erection between them.

Tracy swallowed as her libido overrode her fatigue. “Why did you take my towels?”

“I wanted you wet.” He slid his hand between her legs and tickled the tips of his fingers against her damp pussy lips. “And you are.”

“That’s from my shower.”

“I don’t think it is.” His breath fanned over her ear a second before he licked it. “I smell your desire. Why do you always deny it?”

“Why are you always horny?” Tracy’s voice hitched when Kaiser nudged her clit.

“I’m a dog. What’s your excuse?”

“I –” Her clipped moan of pleasure at Kaiser delving a single finger into her channel cut off her words. Tracy shifted, stirring herself around it.

It wasn’t fair how quickly Kaiser could make her forget everything except the pleasure he could give her. She needed to tell him no and to back off. Instead she inched her feet apart while rolling her ass over his dick and dropping her head to his shoulder.

“Mmmmm, nice and wet now. Good girl. Good, good girl.”

“Stop it,” she snapped, hating when he used doggy speak. She hated more how her nipples tightened and her inner muscles clenched when he did it.

He nipped at her earlobe as he pumped his finger faster. “Somebody is grumpy. What’s the matter, girl? Want a treat? Hm? Does my good girl want a treat?”

“Shut up.”

“Now, now. Be a good girl. You want your treat, don’t you?” He paused long enough to add a second finger and then buried them inside her with a speed that had her juices squishing. “You’re drooling already. Soaking my hand and squirming. If you aren’t good, I’ll make you beg for it.”

She licked her lips. “J-just stop talking like that.”

“Why? You love when I talk like this. Every word gets closer to that something inside you that you want to keep hidden. You want to deny it but I know it’s there.” He inhaled loudly as he ran his nose up the side of her neck. “I smell it on you.”

“Soap,” she rasped, feeling close to orgasm.

“Bitch. Mine, to be exact.”

“I’m not like you.”

“Not a shifter, no. But you are just like me.” A low growl left his throat and he rubbed his teeth over her skin.

Tracy bounced in place with a small whine of need.

“See?” Kaiser’s voice held knowing amusement. “A bitch in heat. If you had a tail, it would be curled to the side, inviting me to mount this pretty round ass” — he slipped his fingers free of her pussy and caressed a damp trail over her ass cheeks –”and ride it until you howled. But if you want to continue denying it…” He released her and stepped back.

“Kaiser?” She faced him and wished she could see more than his outline and shining eyes.

Eyes that resembled a nocturnal creature’s rather than a human’s because he wasn’t human. She hadn’t known something like him existed until her friend told her. Now Kaiser — a living, breathing embodiment of a fantasy novel character — lived in her home and tested her boundaries every chance he got. And he got many because Tracy didn’t know how to guard against him and the animal lust he brought out of her.

She crossed her arms over her chest. A poor defense but the only one left to her. “I need to get dressed and we both need to eat. The burgers will get cold.”

“Still denying.” He swept his hand to the side. “Go on then.”

Tracy wanted to argue with him that she wasn’t denying anything, wanted him to keep her there and prove she was. She backed up a step with a nod. “Put my towels back.”

Kaiser didn’t say anything. She decided that was as good as it would get and not to press it. Kaiser tended to do what he wanted when he wanted. In the question of who was walking who, the answer was Kaiser was walking her. She was the owner, this was her house, but he ruled it and they both knew it. At least he was a man part of the time, could understand her and could be reasoned with. Sometimes.

She had to close the closet door to get to the shelf of nightshirts. All the while she tried to ignore the heat of Kaiser’s gaze. He could see every inch of her brown skin and probably how flushed she was with unquenched desire. Whenever he watched her like this, she understood what it meant to be hunted.

Tracking her with his eyes. Biding his time. Waiting for the perfect opportunity to pounce.

Pulling a thigh-length nightshirt over her nudity didn’t alleviate the sensation. She had to get away from him. Easy. Once she left the bedroom, this situation would solve itself. Kaiser would go back to being a dog and Tracy could pretend that was all he was.

She got as far as putting her hand on the knob before Kaiser shoved her against the door with his knee jammed between her legs.

“Too slow. Or are you tempting me?”

“I’m not. Let go.”

“You are. You know you are. You’re doing it on purpose because you like me like this. Hard and demanding.” He wiggled his knee against her drenched slit. “That’s why you’re like this. That’s why your heart is beating a mile a minute and your lust is perfuming this closet. Stop denying it, Tracy. We’ve known each other too long to continue playing hard to get. At this point, you’re being a tease.”

“I –”

“Say it.” He lifted his knee, forcing her up on her tiptoes.

The position shifted her pussy side to side over his skin as she tried to maintain her balance. Kaiser seemed unsympathetic and raised his knee higher.

Tracy whimpered, on the verge of begging the way Kaiser had predicted she would.

“Say it. Tell me you’re a tease.”

“I’m not –”

“Ah.” He lifted his knee high enough that the tips of her toes brushed the carpet and waved his leg.

Tracy sucked in a breath and squeezed her eyes shut. Nothing she did would block out her need. But there was a way to satisfy it. “I… I…”


She whispered barely moving her lips, “I’m a tease.”

“Say again. I didn’t hear you.”

“I’m a tease.”

Kaiser lowered his knee, putting her feet back on the floor, and stepped back. “Say it to my face.”

Tracy debated staying against the door for half a second. The door opened inward. She wouldn’t escape the closet unless Kaiser let her leave, and she wasn’t leaving until they were both satisfied. Satisfaction would come as soon as she played Kaiser’s game.

She turned slowly, bumping against the knob and knowing it wouldn’t do her any good. Looking up at Kaiser’s shining eyes, she said, “I’m a tease.”

“There now. Was that so hard?”


“One more time.”

It was on the tip of her tongue to say no. “I’m a tease.”

“And why are you a tease?”

“I walk around the house in short shirts and no panties.”

“I wouldn’t complain about that one so much if you let me take advantage of it without this whole song and dance.” He put his face close to hers. “What else?”

“That’s it.”

“No it’s not. Don’t be coy, Tracy. What else?”

She didn’t know what he meant. While she admitted to parading around the house sans panties was a way to tantalize Kaiser, that was the extent of her seductive behavior. Had she been doing something without realizing?

“Come on. What else? Be a good girl and I’ll give you a treat.” He cupped her pussy. “You want your treat, don’t you?”


“What else?”

“I… I…” What else was there? Lust hadn’t disabled her higher brain functions that much. She had no clue what Kaiser wanted her to say.

He whistled — the type of staccato whistle people used to call dogs — and swept one finger quickly between her lower lips. “Come on, girl. What else?”

And then it clicked. Tracy placed her hands on Kaiser’s shoulders and used that contact to guide her forward. She licked his chin, nuzzled her nose along his jaw and then whined with her need.

“Say it. Be a good girl. You want your treat, right?”

She was near panting when he passed his finger over her channel entrance. He’d made her this way. She refused any other explanation except that one. His fault or not, that didn’t change the fact that she craved it. “I’m like you.”

“Like me how?”

“A dog.”

He paused his finger. “Ah.”

“A bitch,” she said quickly.

Kaiser rewarded her by delving his finger into her channel and wagging it. “Whose?”

“Yours.” She nibbled her bottom lip as he moved his finger faster.

“All together now.”

“I’m your bitch.”

“Yes, you are. You’re a tease because you keep denying it. But that won’t happen anymore, will it? We’re over that particular hurdle and you’ll start behaving, won’t you?”


“Because you’re a good girl.”

She nodded.


“Yes.” When he grazed the pad of his thumb over her clit, Tracy started rocking her hips so she rode his hand. A little more. She was so close.

“And you’ll let me fuck you when I’m on all fours.”

Tracy froze. “Not going to happen.”

Kaiser chuckled. “Damn. Thought I could slip that one past you.”

“Bad dog.” She bopped his nose.

“You want a bad dog? I’ll give you a bad dog.” Kaiser grasped her thighs and lifted her onto his arousal.

She barely had time to adjust to the intrusion before Kaiser was thrusting into her hard enough to knock the door against its frame. Moaning her pleasure with each stroke, Tracy dug her nails into his shoulders. She didn’t worry about hurting him. Even if she managed to break the skin, Kaiser would heal without scarring in a matter of seconds.

He nipped under her chin and passed his tongue over her lips, huffing and growling. When she would have kissed him, Kaiser dodged to the side so he could play with her ear instead. His heavy breathing matched hers and excited her more.

“Yes. Oh, yes. Good dog. So good.”

“Howl for me.”

With the way he plunged to her depths, thrilling her with each stroke, she had no choice in the matter. Tracy keened long and loud. Her impassioned cry set off her climax, making her louder until she thought she heard an answering howl in the distance.

Kaiser rumbled with laughter and satisfaction. “Mine.”

Planting himself, he loosed his release. He flooded her with his seed and Tracy didn’t care that he hadn’t worn a condom. No more barriers. No more distance. She was his and he was hers. This one act made it official.

She circled her arms around his shoulders, hugging him tight. “Mine.”

“If you mean that, we can –”

“Don’t ruin it.”

“Just once?”


“I’m a dog, you know. If you plan to keep me, we should explore all aspects of this relationship.”

Tracy pushed him back. “And you ruined it. Put me down.”

Kaiser steadied her as he pulled out and put her feet on the ground. “Come on.”

“No.” She opened the door and exited the closet.

“Tracy –”


“You know you want to.”

“You know it’ll never happen.” She left the bedroom quickly to get away from the conversation. He was a dog with a bone. Unfortunately he wanted to bury it in her while he was on all fours. That was never going to happen.

He begged all through dinner and washing the dishes. Even switching to a dog didn’t shut him up. Tracy did her best to ignore him. The idea thrilled her but it was so wrong on so many levels. Sentient or not, she was not having sex with Kaiser while he was a dog.

“Just try it,” Kaiser said, trotting into the living room and sitting on his haunches. Her gorgeous man had turned into a beautiful dog.

Tracy shook her head. “No. If you keep harping on it, I’ll put you outside tonight.”

“I’ll wear you down eventually.”

“No you won’t.”

“We’ll see.”

“That I’m going to keep saying no. Now shut it. Act like a real dog.”

Kaiser hopped on the couch. When she sat down, he lowered his head to her lap. Tracy scratched behind his ears while flipping channels. Peaceful and content described the situation best. She would have never imagined this scene when they first met. If she hadn’t needed a guard dog, she probably would have kicked Kaiser out two seconds after bringing him home.