Love and Wishes by Anne Kane

Love and Wishes by Anne Kane

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Love and Wishes by Anne Kane


It takes a strong man to be able to stand up to her demands, and so far she hasn’t found one strong enough to want to come back for more.

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Chapter One

Doug locked the door to the Wishes Gone Wrong department behind him, sighing as he ducked his head to miss the bare light bulb hanging in the broom closet. Yesterday, that door had opened onto the rooftop garden. The building was forever morphing in an attempt to lock down the vagrant Wishes Gone Wrong department, but ever since that one bad wish had escaped years ago, the department just didn’t seem to want to stay put.

Last Thursday, he’d entered his office through the fourth floor canteen, and when he’d clocked out that evening he’d found himself in the Ladies powder room five floors above. While he’d appreciated the rare insight into the feminine stronghold, the ladies had not been amused. If it weren’t for his stellar security clearance, and his ability to hack into every known system on the planet, and a few farther out in the galaxy, he’d be out looking for a new job right now.

As it was, he was on his way to the biggest Sci-Fi convention in the known universes to rescue a luscious lady named Jenna from a wish gone very, very wrong. He felt a contented smile curve the corner of his mouth. Nothing like a good old-fashioned brawl to start the weekend off right!

* * *

Jenna eyed up the green-skinned alien, making sure to keep a healthy distance between them. Maybe she should have been a little more specific when she’d wished for a lover with stamina. Like, maybe she should have specified that he be a nice male, a nice human male. She’d never met a demon, but this character seemed to fit the description. He had the horns, the fiery red eyes, and that total lack of consideration for anything anyone else said.

“Go away. I have no intention of going back to your place, wherever that might be.” She had a sinking feeling his place might be in a whole other dimension. Taking another step backward, she felt the cold cement of the wall behind her. “This is one huge mistake.”

The monster roared something unintelligible and stomped his big green foot. Glowering at her with those demonic eyes, he moved sideways, cutting off her escape route. If the drool dripping from the side of his mouth was any indication, he might be planning to make a snack out of her.

She snuck a look past him, hoping someone would notice the big green alien and come to her rescue. Unfortunately, at the biggest Sci-Fi convention on the known worlds an alien really didn’t stick out the way he would on Saville Row or at the opening of a new play on Broadway. She sighed, flicking the safety on her tazer to the off position as she pulled it from the top of her knee-high boots. Sometimes a girl just had to get mean.

“What will it take to convince you that I’m not going anywhere with you?” She brandished the tazer in front of her, hoping it held a big enough charge. She didn’t recall “oversized alien demon” being one of the settings. “Now run along and play nice with the Trekkies.”

“Oh, I love a gal with her own tazer.”

Jenna started at the sound of a deep voice to her left. Keeping a wary eye on her would-be suitor, she turned her head enough to see the owner of the voice. Nice!

She’d always had this fantasy about a high-tech cop, and the man grinning at her from beneath his vintage twentieth century helmet certainly looked like he could live up to it. The skintight blue uniform did nothing to hide his broad shoulders and a massive chest that narrowed to lean hips and a very nicely shaped butt. He took off the helmet and ran his fingers through his hair. The red streaks in his dark hair gave him that bad boy look that sent her pulse racing. She licked her lips in appreciation. Now why couldn’t her wish have conjured up someone like him?

If he managed to keep up with her, she might just let him replace Green Fuzzy here as her evening entertainment. That touch of alien blood her mother had gifted her with meant most human males had a hard time walking away once she was satisfied — not because they found her irresistible, but because they were just plumb worn-out.

Actually, she recalled a few of them running away screaming. Seems human men were really spooked by a girl who kept asking for more sex, especially after the first couple of hours. Still, this one looked like he might be fun while he lasted. She gave him her best come-hither grin and sidestepped as the monster made a grab for her arm.

He replaced his helmet. “I don’t think that’s a costume. Greenie here looks like one of the Tra’toni from the Jupiter colony.”

Definitely a southern drawl. A trickle of heat warmed her belly. “I really don’t care,” Jenna snorted. “When I wished for a male to amuse me, I kind of had a human male in mind.”

“Should be more careful what you wish for, then.” The man slid out of the path of the monster, landing a nasty chop in the small of its furry back as it stumbled past him.

Jenna rolled her eyes. “Hindsight and platitudes. Just what I needed.”

“On the contrary.” He whirled to block the monster’s right hook, landing a kick on its leading knee. “I think you need some personal attention of the type I happen to be very good at.” He waggled his eyebrows at her suggestively, a darkly sexy grin creasing his handsome face.

“What makes you think I’d be willing to give you a chance?” Jenna lowered the tazer, and watched the new guy and the alien square off against each other. “I don’t even know your name.”

“Name’s Doug. And I’ve had lots of practice satisfying the ladies.” He feinted with a right hook, drawing back quickly when the alien used a hairy arm to block it. “Never left one wanting. The question you should be asking yourself is do you have the stamina to keep up with a sexy hunk like me?”

Jenna swallowed a snort of laughter. The man certainly had an ego. “Well, Doug, I don’t think my stamina’s going to be the problem.”

She winced when the alien landed a glancing blow on the side of Doug’s head, sending him staggering toward the wall. The creature followed, his gait awkward as he closed in for another blow. Her rescuer looked at her, his eyebrows raised. “You sure you don’t want this guy? Because he’s not going to go easy. Reminds me of one of my roomies at MIT, all brawn and no brains.”

“You went to MIT?” She’d always found brains such a turn-on. Yup, give her a geek any day.

Doug grinned, ducking under the alien’s attack and elbowing him in the kidneys as he slipped behind him. “For a while.” He danced sideways to avoid another attack. “Excuse me while I take care of your suitor.”

Jenna watched the two circle each other, their body language wary. The big green creature had the obvious advantages of sheer size and weight, but so far, Doug had been able to hold his own.

The alien stepped in, his right arm swinging in a roundhouse punch. Doug blocked with his forearm and landed a kick on the monster’s knee before bouncing back out of reach. Jenna found herself holding her breath as the two continued to circle, feinting to test the other’s guard.

The green hulk lunged forward, catching Doug with a crack across his left shoulder. He dodged sideways just a minute too late, and the pair went down in a flurry of flailing limbs. Doug grunted when the next blow glanced off his shoulder, twisting frantically to the left to lessen the impact. The alien stumbled, and Doug took advantage of the moment, landing a vicious kick to the creature’s ribs. An audible crunch signaled broken bones just before he leapt free.

The monster turned his head, and Jenna gave an involuntary gasp at the sheer malice in those red eyes. Lurching to his feet, he advanced on Doug, his breathing loud and raspy. Jenna raised the tazer, ramping the charge up as high as it could go, but she hesitated. The two men were so close to each other, she couldn’t get a clear shot.

Arms spread wide, Doug flexed his knees and launched himself directly at the monster’s head. Jenna’s breath caught in her throat at the bold move. What the hell was he thinking? The alien stood still, his massive forehead furrowed in puzzlement while he watched the human hurtling toward him.

Letting out a blood-curdling scream, Doug crashed into the alien’s head, wrapping his arms around the enormous skull as the force of his charge knocked them both to the floor. The large green body went limp, the manic light fading from his eyes. Doug pulled himself to his feet awkwardly, disentangling himself from the massive limp body. “Come on.” He grabbed her arm and hustled her away from the fallen alien. “The last thing I need is to be here when security shows up.”

“You killed him?” She couldn’t help it. Her voice rose to a high-pitched squeak.

Doug laughed. “Hell no. He’s just out for the next forty-eight hours or so. Little known fact about Tra’toni; they have a very sensitive pressure point at the base of their skulls. Press it hard enough, they drop like a stone and stay there for a long time.”

Relief flooded through her. “So why don’t we stay and clear things up with security?” She looked around as he changed direction, hustling her down a long corridor away from the main conference area. “The exhibits are all the other way. Where are we going?”

Doug draped an arm around her shoulder and pulled her in for a long heated kiss just as a couple of people decked out in futuristic armor exited one of the side corridors and hurried past, chattering away in galactic standard.

His lips locked over hers and he thrust his tongue deep. Want and need slammed into her like a freight train careening out of control while his hands slid down to mold the shape of her ass. She’d been anticipating a long night of passionate lovemaking before she’d realized her wish had gone so horribly wrong.

Heat coiled in the pit of her stomach and sent tendrils of erotic fire darting through every nerve. She suddenly didn’t care where he was taking her, so long as there was a sleeping platform there. Or a table. Or a floor. Or a kitchen counter. Right now, she’d be quite happy to fuck standing up right here in the corridor. Damn! She needed some action, and soon. He broke off the kiss as quickly as he’d started it, and Jenna shook her head in bewilderment. “What the hell?”

“I didn’t want that couple to be able to identify us later. Now, all they are going to recall is two people making out in the corridor. They didn’t even get a good look at our faces.” He urged her further down the corridor. “My job is somewhat discreet, and I don’t want anyone connecting us with the big guy lying on the floor back there.”

He stopped in front of an access panel, and Jenna realized that they were in the outer rings where the passenger ships docked. Producing a plastic data card, Doug slipped it into the I.D. panel. The door cycled open with a quiet swoosh, and he motioned her to precede him.

A short walk down the corridor led them to a ship’s entrance port. “Welcome to the Gryphon.” Doug patted the ship affectionately before placing his hand on the security panel to allow it to identify him. “Best little spaceship in the galaxy.” The entry slid open smoothly.

“Nice.” Jenna couldn’t care less about a bucket of bolts. “Where’s your stateroom? You do have a stateroom, don’t you?” She ran a finger down the thin material of his shirt. “With a bed?”

Doug blinked, looking nonplussed for a second before a dark grin lit up his face. “Oh, yeah. I see you aren’t the shy and retiring type.”

“Nope.” Jenna shook her head and slipped aboard the ship. “I like my sex hot and hard, and I don’t care who knows it.”

“You’re not completely human, are you?” Doug flicked his palm across the control panel, and the entry port slid silently shut behind them.

“Not entirely.” Jenna wondered exactly how much he knew. Someone had obviously sent him to rescue her from her wish, but had they told him about her alien blood?

“Not that it matters, but your eyes have an exotic look to them that’s a real turn-on.” He lifted a hand to trace the line of her eyebrow. “And the color is the most amazing mix of blue and green… I’ve never seen anything quite like them.” He shook his head. “Sorry, sometimes I get carried away. Would you like a tour of the Gryphon?”

“Just show me the stateroom. I can wait until the morning for the grand tour.” She could feel darts of liquid heat roaring deep inside her; something about Doug had her libido racing into overdrive. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could resist the urge to rip his clothes off and have her way with him. “You did say there was a bed in there?”

“Right.” A sexy grin turned up the corner of his mouth. “Personal attention first. Tour of the Gryphon later.”

Jenna leaned in to place a tantalizing kiss square on his lips. “Much later. Lead on.”

Doug dropped his arm around her shoulder, reaching down to brush his fingers over the outline of her breast. Jenna found herself glad that she’d worn a thin skin-suit to her disastrous meeting with the alien. She looked forward to removing even that small barrier to his hands.

“Bulkhead’s down here.” Doug wrapped both arms around her waist as they stepped into a void in the deck. Her breath caught in her throat as the floor fell away beneath her feet and they dropped for a fraction of a second until the levitation field kicked in to moderate their descent. She breathed a sigh of relief when she felt solid ground beneath her feet. Doug tugged her down the corridor and stopped in front of a doorway. Plucking his helmet off with a gallant flourish, he gestured her to precede him. “Welcome to my lair.”

“Gorgeous.” Jenna stepped into the stateroom and glanced around. Nice enough, but she wasn’t here for the furnishings. Turning back, she wound her arms around Doug’s neck and fastened her mouth over his. She wanted to devour him, take him completely within her. She felt the moisture gathering inside her sex, eager to feel the invading pressure of his cock. His arm came around to steady her, and she lifted one leg to drape it around his waist.

The thick bulge of his cock pressed against her belly, and she barely managed to restrain herself. She wanted to rip the clothes from his back and impale herself on his shaft. She needed to slow down, to get herself under control before she scared him off.

Her alien blood gifted her with more than just her exotic eyes. Her sex drive was insatiable by human standards. She inevitably lost all control during sex, her animal instincts surfacing. It took a strong man to stand up to her demands, and so far she hadn’t found one strong enough to want to come back for more.

Doug chuckled softly against her lips. “I guess we can skip the part where I convince you to give me a chance to please you.” He used one hand to loosen the snaps on the front of his uniform before he shrugged out of the sexy item.

His chest, broad and muscular with just a smattering of hair had her licking her lips. “Chance? Hell, I plan to plant your ass down on that sleeping platform and ride you until you beg for mercy!” Jenna rolled her hips against the stiff outline of his cock. “That hulking green lump of male you left lying on the floor was the result of me wishing for enough of a man to satisfy me.” She arched an eyebrow. “Not scared, are you?”

The grin on his face sent shivers of anticipation dancing down her spine. “Hell no. I’ve never met a woman I didn’t enjoy.”

Jenna nodded approval. This could be a match made in heaven. Or hell. Regardless, she intended to leave this ship one satisfied woman. She thrust her tongue between his lips, abandoning any pretence at restraint. Keeping her mouth fastened on his, she jerked the closure of her skin-suit down and wriggled until her arms were free and her ample breasts sprung clear of the restraining material.

“Oh, yeah!” Awe tinged Doug’s voice as he brought his hands up, weighing her breasts in his palms. Lowering his head, he slid his tongue across one dusky nipple.

Darts of liquid fire radiated from the sensitive tip and pooled low in Jenna’s belly. “We need to get out of these clothes. Fast.” She muttered the words as Doug scored his teeth across the other nipple, lust gleaming in his dark eyes.

Kicking off her knee-high boots, she skimmed her suit down over her hips. She wiggled the suit off and reached for the belt buckle at Doug’s waist. For just a second the metal resisted, but then the clasp let loose and she managed to slip the leather through the buckle. She practically tore the pants from his body, yanking them down to his ankles and pulling off first one shoe and then the other before she managed to work the uniform bottoms over his feet and toss them aside.

“You really are an eager little number!” Doug kneaded her breasts, the feelings his warm hands invoked driving her lust even higher. “Why isn’t every guy this side of the Milky Way beating a path to your door? I can’t believe you had to resort to a wish to get a little action.”

Oh, you’ll figure it out. A fleeting pang of regret pierced her lustful frenzy. About the time you’re trying to crawl through a sealed portal to get away from me. I’m just too much. Too horny. Too hard to satisfy. If that monster was the best that Wishlabz could come up with, I guess I really am a lost cause.

But she had no intention of letting Doug off the hook. Later, he might run like a demon horde was pursuing him, but right now he was hot and hard and ready for action. Hooking her thumbs in the waistband of his briefs, she quickly pulled them to his knees.

His massive cock, freed of the imprisoning spandex, curved proudly upward, and Jenna ran her tongue across her bottom lip. Heat flooded through every nerve ending, sending inhibitions flying.

She glanced around the room. The bed? Maybe later. Grabbing his hand, she led him to the overstuffed armchair occupying the corner of the room, and pushed him down in it. She dropped to her knees in front of him and engulfed his cock in her mouth.

Love and Wishes by Anne Kane
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