Collar and Bell by Zenobia Renquist

Collar and Bell (Forever Wicked) by Zenobia Renquist

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Collar and Bell (Forever Wicked) by Zenobia Renquist


Eric's time with Simone is about to end. He plans to find a way to make her stay... even if it's on his knees.

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Chapter One

His future looked bleak and everything he wanted was out of his grasp. Eric sighed as he dropped to the couch and tugged his tie loose. Another quarter of poor sales. He’d barely broken even last year. With two quarters’ worth of poor sales, the store wouldn’t achieve that miracle again.

He should have never switched the direction of the company. Sure, it hadn’t been doing great as a women’s clothing store, but switching to women’s shoes had made things worse.

“Fuck!” Eric picked up a throw pillow and chucked it across the room as hard as he could. It hit the far wall and then plopped to the floor, causing no damage. Eric felt like that pillow — decorative and superfluous.

He was the middle child of three boys. Richmond Miller, his father and the head of an apparel company worth billions, wanted to leave the presidency to the most capable son. To prove that capability, his father charged his sons to oversee smaller divisions of the company, make those divisions lucrative, and then sell them. The son who, after seven years, brought in the most money from his sale would win the presidency.

To keep his sons from competing directly and possibly interfering with each other, Richmond had told them to pick different aspects of the company. Daniel, the eldest, had gotten first pick and taken men’s athletic shoes. Thanks to his basketball player endorsements, the company couldn’t keep the products on the shelf. Jonas, the youngest, had followed Daniel and taken men’s athletic wear. Jonas shared athletes with his brother and sometimes commercial spots.

And then there was Eric. He’d been stuck with women’s apparel. He remained convinced his father was sabotaging him, since no one in his family thought he had the ability to run a company. Athletic apparel was easy. It had even turned into a fashion statement over the years. Women’s fashion changed so much from one moment to the next that keeping ahead of the curve and making money seemed impossible.

Eric didn’t know the first thing about women’s fashion. He hardly paid attention to his own clothing choices. He bought whichever suit the clerks suggested for his medium, gym-trained build. If the occasion called for casual, he wore jeans or khakis and a single-colored cotton polo shirt. Easy.

He sighed again and shoved his hand through his short-cut black hair. It had been long once, almost to mid-back. His father had insisted he cut it so Eric would present a more businesslike appearance.

That hadn’t been the end of the suggestions. And by suggestions, he meant orders. Richmond hadn’t sugarcoated his words. He wanted Eric to act more like him, the way Eric’s brothers did. Trying to emulate his father had given Eric an ulcer before his doctor ordered him to stop.

That was Eric. Good at taking orders. His brothers always told him he would make a great vice president, someone in the background who took care of the little things while someone else handled the big decisions. He didn’t think they were wrong, though he would never admit it aloud.

He startled when a sleek black cat hopped on his lap. Simone. He’d taken her in seven months ago when he found her cold and starving in one of his warehouses. He’d never had a pet before, and some whim made him decide to make her the first.

Pets were supposed to be soothing and help relieve stress. Or so Eric had read. Simone was a great stress reliever, but he wasn’t in the mood today. He scooped his hand under her belly and gave her a toss. “Not now.”

The cat glared at him from where she landed. Her tail sliced the air as it switched back and forth.

“I had a bad day. All right? Sales are shitty. The employees aren’t happy so customer service is being affected. The seven year deadline is almost over, and my father is probably going to stick me with this sinking ship just to teach me a lesson. How am I supposed to impress Heather’s father when I’m two steps away from poverty?”

Heather was the girl Eric had liked since high school. Unfortunately, his brothers liked her too. She’d been stringing all three along since they met, never committing to one over the others. She also happened to be the daughter of the president of the company with which Richmond wanted to merge. A marriage would grease the wheels of that merger, so Richmond had encouraged his boys to pursue Heather. The brothers had come to the agreement that whoever won the seven-year trial would also win Heather. The other two brothers would back off.

Eric no longer wanted Heather. Life had introduced him to a woman more suited to him that he loved beyond distraction. He did still want Heather’s company, but that dream was going down with the ship that was his failing company.

Simone continued glaring at him.

He yelled, “What?”

With a soft growl, Simone left the room.

“Shit.” Eric got up and chased after her, following her to the bedroom. “Simone. Simone, wait. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to yell at you. Simone?” He looked around the room but didn’t see her. Going to his knees, he looked under the bed.

When he sat back, he startled at the sight of the woman standing on the other side of the bed from him. “Simone?”

Her emerald green eyes flashed with her anger. She had her fists planted against her wide hips with her legs spread apart in a classic pissed-off stance.

Eric knew he’d screwed up when he yelled at her but he couldn’t bring himself to be that worried about it since Simone was naked. She’d shifted from cat to human, and clothes didn’t come with the shift.

It had surprised the hell out of him the first time she’d done it, after he’d nursed her back to health. He thought he had taken home a normal cat and wound up with a shifter instead. He hadn’t even known things like shifters existed.

This particular shifter appeared as though she wanted to sink her claws into him. He swallowed as he stood with his palms out in a placating gesture. “I’m sorry.”

“Sorry?” Simone snapped. “You better be more than fucking sorry for talking to me like that. And I know you’re not trying to apologize when you aren’t even on your knees.”

Yup, he’d fucked up. No matter how bad his day was going, he should have never yelled at Simone. He knew better. Or maybe it was because he knew better that he’d done it.

Simone stalked over to him, grabbed his short hair, and yanked him down so he knelt before her. “You can talk to your employees like that. You can talk to your boys like that. You do not talk to me like that.”

“Yes, Simone. Sorry.”

She gripped his hair harder. “Excuse you.”

“I meant to say I understand, and I’m sorry for speaking to you the way I did, Maestra.”

“Better.” She released his hair. “Take that off and get on the bed.”

“Yes, Maestra.” Eric waited for Simone to step back before he stood and stripped off his suit down to his boxer briefs, which didn’t hide his aroused state. He couldn’t help it. Simone was naked, and she was beautiful when she was angry. She was beautiful when she wasn’t angry.

His little black kitty turned into a beautiful black woman with emerald eyes, luscious curves, full breasts, and a silky, tight pussy that she wouldn’t let him enter until she felt he had earned the right.

He got on the bed, moved to the middle and sat on his knees with his thighs spread and his hands clasped behind his back. “Ready, Maestra.”

She gazed at his hard dick, the tip peeking over the edge of his boxers. “I’ll say you are. I haven’t even touched you and you’re already hard. Rather than do what I have planned, it would be more of a punishment to leave you like this the rest of the night.”

He didn’t respond to her threat. Nothing he said would be the right answer, and she would leave him wanting if he uttered a sound one way or the other.

Simone’s beautiful body shimmered, blurring around the edges with waves of heat radiating off her body. A long tail covered in thick, black fur sprouted from her lower back. Her ears slid up into her hairline and reappeared atop her head as two large, black-furred cat ears that twitched, shaking her long, wavy hair aside.

Eric’s dick jumped in reaction. The night promised to be long if Simone had decided to be part cat during his discipline. If she had stayed in her full human form, he would have known he’d really fucked up and he’d be in for a night full of more pain than pleasure. A half shift meant a night of endurance followed by hot sex — just what he needed to relax after the day he’d had.

But relaxation came later.

Simone walked around the bed, her tail swaying with her hips. “Hands and knees.”

“Yes, Maestra.” Eric pushed up and dropped forward onto his hands. The bed dipped when Simone crawled onto it next to him. His breath hitched as he waited for what she would do first.

She ran her hand down his spine, over his ass, cupped his balls, and squeezed while rubbing one finger in small circles at the base of his shaft. Laying her head on his back, she asked, “Now then. Why are you upset, Eric?”

Upset? He had nothing to be upset about with her touching him. Her slender fingers massaged his sac and made him want to hump air. If not for Simone’s rule about staying still while she teased him, he would be.

He said, “The quarterly sales report came back today. With our current momentum, I’m not going to break even.”

“And that justifies you throwing me around and yelling at me?”

“No, Maestra. I acted without thinking.”

“Oh, I doubt that.” She pulled her hand away and smacked his ass as she straightened away from him. “You wanted me to do this to take your mind off your troubles. Isn’t that right?”

Which was the right answer so she kept going? Did he say no, that he really had acted without thinking of the consequences? Or did he say yes, he’d wanted her brand of punishment to relieve his stress?

“Speak up, Eric.”

He swallowed, hoping he said the right thing. “I don’t know, Maestra.” Honesty. He hoped it didn’t come back to bite him in the ass. Then again, he liked the way Simone nibbled at his ass.

“You don’t know?”

“Yes, Maestra.”

“It’s that kind of indecisive, wishy-washy attitude that is sinking your company.”

“Sorry, Maestra.”

“Don’t apologize to me. I couldn’t care less if you succeed or fail, but you have employees that depend on you for their livelihood. You owe it to them to get your head out of the clouds and do what’s best to make sure they have a job in the morning. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes, Maestra.”

“Good. I’m glad you understand.” She curved one arm over his back and leaned against his side. After smoothing her other hand over his ass in a wide circle, she gave one ass cheek a sharp smack.

Eric sucked in a quick breath. He couldn’t help the way his body jerked in reaction and hoped Simone didn’t hold it against him.

“Count them for me, please,” she said with a purr before she smacked his other ass cheek.


“You mean two.”

“Sorry, Maestra. Two.”

She rubbed her hand over his left ass cheek and then smacked it.


A quick rub over his right ass cheek before the sharp rap.


Each time, she rubbed the cheek she was going to strike before she hit it. A little soft before the hard that had him closing his eyes with enjoyment. They were at ten when she shifted her position, taking her arm from his back so she could reach under him and start stroking his dick around his briefs.


“El-eleven.” He swallowed loud and wet his lips.



She stroked his dick faster as she bounced her hand off his ass again.

“Thirteen.” Eric fisted his hands into the bedding. This was the preliminary. He could endure until she gave him permission to come, but it felt so good.

“Good boy.” Simone released his dick and curved her arm back around his waist, leaning against him again. She reached her other hand between his legs and resumed massaging his balls. “So much stress and worry. You’ll give yourself another ulcer. I’m helping you, aren’t I?”

“Yes, Maestra. Thank you.”

“It’s taken a lot to get this far. Success won’t happen overnight. We first had to update your merchandise to something more appealing from a manufacturer who is more reliable, which took a fair amount of money. Then there was changing your brand and logo — another chunk of money. That was the hard part.”

He nodded and knew she spoke the truth. But reconciling that truth with the printouts showing him negative numbers was hard. Much like himself. And he was getting harder.

Simone shifted the arm she was resting on once more so she could wrap her fingers around his shaft and slide his briefs back and forth over his length. That motion coupled with her continued attention to his balls had him panting.


Simone’s motions paused.

Eric glanced back at her in question. She had her head cocked toward him and an expectant expression on her face. He was confused for a moment and then realized his mistake. “Fourteen?”

She smiled with a knowing laugh and spanked him again.


Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack. Simone’s rapid-fire hits were difficult for Eric to keep up with but he tried, knowing what would happen — or not happen — if he didn’t.

Simone laughed at his effort and rubbed her hands over his back and sides. “Sit up.”

Eric sat back on his knees slowly so he didn’t jar Simone or hit her by mistake. When he was situated, she reached around him and rubbed her hands over his arousal. Her hard nipples and soft breasts pressed into his back. Eric wanted to feel the twin mounds in his hands. He gripped his thighs instead.

Touching without permission would get him in trouble. And asking wouldn’t do him any good because Simone would say no to tease him.

She laid soft kisses on his neck and shoulders. “I know things look bad right now, but it’ll be okay. I have a plan. I told you that in the beginning. I also told you it wouldn’t be an easy plan to implement, didn’t I?”

“Yes, Maestra.”

“Yes, I did.” She slid her hand up his chest to one of his nipples and squeezed until he grunted in pain, which she soothed by rolling the nipple between her fingers. “So I don’t appreciate you getting pissy with me because of a hard day at work.”

“Sorry, Maestra.”

She moved her hand from his nipple to his chin and then smacked his cheek. “You should be.” Shifting behind him, Simone rose up on her knees so her head was level with his, which meant she had to release his dick. She pushed his chin toward her and captured his lips in a kiss that swept her tongue against his.

Eric made a sound of appreciation and tried to deepen the kiss. He got another smack on the cheek for his trouble.

Simone pulled away. “Briefs off and on your back.”

While he yanked off his boxer-briefs and rolled onto his back, Simone retrieved a black angel flogger — a rubber version of a graduation tassel, but thicker, attached to a handle — from the nightstand drawer. She pulled the threads through her fingers a few times as her gaze roamed over his body.

Her expression of gleeful anticipation matched Eric’s mood, but he didn’t grin the way Simone did. She dragged the flogger over his chest and down to his dick in a slow, sensual tease. Eric let his head fall back against the mattress with a long sigh.

After nudging his legs farther apart so she could kneel between them, Simone started making quick, tight figure eights with the flogger up and down Eric’s body. The tassels brushed his chin when Simone moved up his chest and the tip of his dick when she aimed for his stomach. All of it excited his skin, making him more sensitive.

Simone stopped her motions, braced her hand on the bed, and leaned over him. Eric wasn’t sure why until the velvet softness of her hot tongue stroked the tip of his dick, lapping up the bead of precum. It was a quick pass that almost made Eric come then and there. He’d never felt Simone’s tongue. She’d said he hadn’t earned the right.

From the mischievous glint in her eyes when she met his gaze, he knew it was a one-off thing. She straightened and got the flogger moving again, this time in a sweeping motion over his inner thighs. The tassels skimmed his sac and his shaft in odd intervals that had him tightening his hips in short, muted thrusts.

“You look much more relaxed now.” Simone dragged one finger up his length. “And ready.”

Eric’s breathing turned shallow.

“But not enough.” She stopped the flogger, laying the tassels against his chest, and asked, “Do you think you’re ready, Eric?”

He swallowed back the immediate yes that came to his lips. “No, Maestra.”

“That’s right. Eager but not ready. Not yet. A little priming is in order.” She tapped her finger against the head of his dick and then moved her hand away.

Eric gripped his shaft with one hand and started pumping. This wasn’t what he wanted. He wanted Simone’s hand doing this, or her mouth or her pussy. Her sweet, hot pussy only a few inches away and glistening.

She grinned as she slipped her hand down her belly, through the patch of tight black curls, and dipped a finger into her slit. Rubbing her clit, she moved her hips in slow circles that bumped her thighs against his and made him jerk his hand faster.

Simone got the flogger moving again, harder this time, giving him just enough roughness — not so much pain — to excite him. Eric had to use all his willpower to hold back his release, to stop himself from decorating Simone’s beautiful face with his cum. The thought made him groan and grit his teeth.

“Are you ready yet?”

“No, Maestra.” God, yes he was. He wanted… no, he needed to say yes. He couldn’t. He knew this game. He didn’t get to say when he was ready. She did. Even if she asked, he still didn’t get to say he was ready.

“You should move faster, then.”

“Yes, Maestra.” He moved his hand up and down his dick faster.

“This should help.” Simone stopped flogging so she could reach into the nightstand. She retrieved the bottle of warming oil and drizzled some over his pumping hand and his balls. “There you go. Much better.”

“Thank you, Maestra,” he said between clenched teeth, pressing his head back into the mattress and squeezing his eyes closed. The liquid tingled, testing his control.

“Your balls are lonely. Do something about that.”

“Yes, Maestra.” He cupped his free hand around his sac and massaged the way Simone liked him to. She wanted to see his fingers moving, so he rolled his balls.

“Very pretty.”

“Thank you, Maestra.”

A wet, squishing noise reached his ears. Eric refused to open his eyes and look. He knew the sound well. Simone was stuffing her tight hole with her fingers. Two by the sounds of it. Her loud purring mingled with the sound of her pleasuring herself.

The tip of her tail brushed over his hands and the crown of his dick. Eric groaned at the torture, unable to hold the sound back. He’d known this was coming. Teasing and testing. Testing and teasing. Seeing how far she could push him before she gave him what he wanted.

He wanted it so bad. The loud way Simone’s pussy slurped her fingers as she stuffed them deep indicated she wanted it too.

“Eric,” Simone’s soft, singsong urging whispered her hot, sweet breath against his nose.

He jerked his eyes open and looked at Simone perched on top of him on all fours. The position surprised him since he hadn’t felt her move. Her full breasts dangled above him so her nipples were a hair’s width away from his chest. Her thick thighs were spread so she straddled his waist and opened her pussy above his jerking hands. One good thrust, and he could plant his dick inside her.

She smiled at his expression of surprise. “Stop.” The soft command halted his movements.

Simone lowered her body so she lay on his chest and then slid backwards.

Eric pulled his hands out of her way, not wanting to impede her progress. He couldn’t help his contented sigh as her slick pussy enveloped his dick and sucked it to her depths. “Thank you, Maestra. Thank you.”

She made an acknowledging noise then said, “Are you sure you should be thanking me, Eric? I haven’t given you permission to come yet. And you won’t, will you?”

“No, Maestra.”

“No, you won’t because you’re a good boy.” Simone moved her whole body as she stroked his dick with her pussy, rubbing her breasts over his chest. Her tail swished back and forth in the air, and she watched him like a cat assessing its prey.

Why had he thought this would be better? It felt fantastic, amazing. Slow, languid, and driving him out of his mind. He couldn’t come. Not yet. Not if he wanted access to her pussy after this. One slip, a simple indulgence of his need for release, and Simone would deny him this ecstasy for a month, if not more.

He could wait. He hoped he could wait. He prayed hard and gripped the bedding.

Simone started purring. Deep, vibrating rumbles that coursed through her body to his.

“Fucking hell!” The words left his lips before he could stop them.

“Feel good?” She purred harder.

“Y-yes, Maestra. S-sorry. I didn’t mean to yell.” He panted and held himself rigid against the urge to buck his hips and take control of the encounter.

“It’s all right.” She kissed his chin. “You’ve been such a good boy, despite how the night started. So very good.”

She sat up and raised one knee. Bracing one hand on the headboard and the other on his chest, Simone changed from teasing to riding. Her breasts bounced with her rapid up-and-down movements.

Simone keened to the ceiling. “Oh, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. So good.”

Eric agreed even if he wasn’t as vocal about it. He poised his hands above her breasts, matching their momentum. “May I, Maestra?”

She glanced down and then nodded quickly.

That was enough for him. Eric cupped the twin mounds and rolled her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. Simone’s tail curved around her side. She hunched forward, pumping her hips faster and moan-purring loud enough that she drowned out all other sounds.

Eric watched her. He enjoyed seeing her lose herself in the passion they shared. This was the time he could touch her how he pleased. She didn’t care what he did so long as it felt good and he didn’t come. As much as he would love to indulge in that bit of freedom, he had to concentrate on keeping his release in check.

Simone’s body tightened, and she shouted her climax while continuing to ride him. Her speed slowed as her body quaked with the strength of her orgasm. She stopped, her pussy taking him deep, and panted.

Eric said nothing and kept himself still as he waited.

He didn’t have to wait long. Simone collected herself and lifted her gaze to his. She smiled wide. “Such a good boy. So very good.”

“Thank you, Maestra.”

She lifted her hips, freeing his hard dick so it flopped against his stomach, and then lowered herself. Her hot, moist slit sandwiched his shaft, and Eric knew what was coming next. Him.

Simone said, “You can come now.” She rocked her hips, sliding her pussy over his length and bumping her clit with his tip.

It might not be the way he wanted to come, but it was enough. Eric grunted as hot cum spurted across his chest. He finished with a satisfied sigh and let himself sag. “Thank you, Maestra.”

To his surprise, Simone started licking his chest, lapping up his cum like cream from a bowl. Another first. Usually she handed him a towel and left him to it. Eric didn’t question it. He closed his eyes with a contented sigh and let Simone do with him as she pleased, like always.